About Camping for a Cure

Meet the team

    We started as a group of friends answering the desire for a new team in RFL. We came together in 2019. In two short years we have grown by leaps and bounds. We included other people, clubs and stores on our team. People who wanted to be involved but didn't have the time to run a full team. They had the same passion, to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society in hopes to find a cure for cancer.


Kiss Anatine Ryder

Team Secretary

Cancer has affected so many people I know and love that it's inspired me to join Relay For Life. There is nothing like RFL SL.  RFL SL is a community of people from around the globe coming together and fighting against cancer.     
My personal fight against cancer started with my dad.  My dad battled kidney cancer for a number of years before it overtook him.  I fought my own battle against cancer and won. 

Jenny Shackle Anatine

Team Captain

My mom has had breast cancer twice. My Grandma died of brain cancer. I have 3 kids I never want to have to face it. I fight for them..and for everyone. No one should have to face this anymore. The way we all come together to make it happen also gives me such an amazing feeling. It makes me want to do more and more.



Archer Clary Anatine


Agatha Nowles Anatine

Then my mom battled against cancer and lost her battle in a short 7-month span of time.  Families wouldn't have to go through this if a cure for cancer is found.  Help us fight this battle!             - Kiss

Bree Anatine


Cori Anatine

Entertainment Coordinator

I relay for my grandmother who raised me, who passed from brain cancer and non-hodgkins lymphoma when I was 19.  I relay for my other family members and friends, some who have gone and some who have persevered. I relay so that everyone has a chance to make it and not just survive, but thrive! 


Meycy Anatine Baily

Donations - Promotions

Relay for life is important to me because I have lost loved ones to cancer also. 



Fin Anatine

Flick A Ryder



Team Mascot

Favorite thing to do: Slash cancer





Noah Anatine

Sin Anatine


Sapphi  Anatine

Because cancer doesn't discriminate it can happen to anyone at anytime. And the work that we do has made great strides in treatments and survival rates.                                                                                                                                                                                    -Sapphi

Fey Anatine

Its very important to me, I have had an Aunt pass away due to brain cancer when i was little and then I have an Aunt and Grandmother that are both breast cancer survivors. I've seen both ends of how treatments can go and it means a lot knowing things like relay are out there helping to find a cure. 




RFL is important to me because in my life I have lost so many I love due to cancer.  This horrible disease needs to end and it will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to do it...along with lots of research.  So lets all do our part and banish this disease from our existence.  -Jane


I relay because I had lost someone in my family.  My Niece Diana to bone cancer at a young age.  I also do it because it makes me feel good to do so.  People need help, so I am gonna give it.


Sapphire Beach Club Venue Logo_Thumb.png

Amiber Sinclair

Sapphire Beach Club Manager

Because its an amazing cause  that can make a difference. So many people are affected by this disease,  some close to us, others strangers but there is no age, sex or economic discrimination,  we fight to find a cure, to help everyone we can and because it matters!  Please support this amazing cause!!