Camping for a cure Mission Group Banner.
Camping for a cure Mission Group Banner.

Welcome to Camping for a Cure!

   Sadly, cancer has touched us all in some form. The 2020 season was hit with the Corona-virus. It hit the most vulnerable in our society and shut down almost all fund raising. All but our virtual platform. Here we could reach out around the world and come together without the fear of being exposed to Covid. This is the year Camping for a Cure grew and ended up taking first place in-world fund raising. During the few months of RFL we raised almost 3 million lindens, over 10K US dollars! Then we did a 10 day event for Strides in October. In 10 days we raised another 10K US dollars. We didn't do it alone. The team grew. The passion grew!

   We know now to be successful we need to reach out!! We are always looking to grow. We are looking for new ideas. We are also looking to help anyone have their own team or join ours!

      Everything we do is using official ACS tools. Vendors..raffles..gachas and the kiosks.  ACS is one of the only vetted charities in Second Life. I am happy to share our tools with you so you can see yourself where the money goes. Being open and honest is the only way this works!!!

  This past year we added a few amazing clubs to our roster. I am looking forward to more clubs and stores joining us this year. I would love to see our clubs commit to running at least one day/weekend event during the RFL season. The season begins February 20th and goes until June. I also would love if you put a kiosk out as an option for people to donate during the season!

Contact any of the below with any questions.

Jenny Shackle (Anatine)
Team Captain ~ Camping for a Cure

Meycy Bailey (Anatine)

Kiss Moonites (Anatine-Ryder)
Team Secretary


Jason Voorhees

Team Mascot

Welcome to the Team!